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Claims investigation requires 100% accuracy. We provide court ready information about ONLY your target, updated every 24 hours for the life of the claim for one flat fee.

What is Fraud Sniffr?

Fraud Sniffr is an automated software solution that gathers, stores, and distributes content posted by claimants in social media. It attaches to profiles identified by SIU agents and gathers content automatically from DOI until the claim resolves. Fraud Sniffr secures and streamlines communication between SIU/Investigators and Adjusters for better results and greater security.

Features for Adjusters:

  • Automatic content pull every 24 hours from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Email alerts when new content is found
  • Manage social media content distribution between teams
    (Claims, SIU, Legal, Management )
  • Manage social media content distribution between teams
    (Claims, SIU, Legal, Management )
  • Content delivered chronologically across venues

Features for SIU:

  • Pull full Social media profiles in minutes (with Metadata)
  • Automated delivery to adjusters & streamlined communication
  • "Set it and forget it" software scanning
  • Eliminate cut & paste, get more results

System Summary

Success Stories

  • In May 2019 we were one of two vendors who won a Grand Slam Of The Year award at the Michaels’ risk management partnership meeting in Chicago. We were presented the award with this simple statement, “This is because you have saved us That Much  money.”

  • An MMA fighter with a closed head injury was caught posting on Facebook about drinking alcohol, running several miles, and getting back into the ring “feeling like I’ve never been injured.” The potential savings on this liability claim exceed $200,000.

  • An employee kept calling out of work on Mondays and Fridays with no notice. Fraud Sniffr was able to provide evidence that this employee was co-employed as a real estate agent. Termination for cause took place immediately.

  • A claimant had knee surgery and then 6 weeks later posted a photo journal of his walking tour of New York City, which included photos of the claimant climbing to on top of park benches, and a video of the claimant at a dance party. The potential savings on this comp claim exceed $50,000.

  • Fraud Sniffr saved a client over $800,000 in a single report by showing photographic evidence in social media that our perm total employee was running a jewelry business (mining his own stones) in Honduras. He was also building parade floats in his basement. The claimant was thrown out of court with no award, and subsequently investigated for WC fraud as well as social security fraud.

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