Anterior Positioning Injury Claim Defense for WFH IWs

After a year of full-time Work from Home due to Corona Virus, a new set of Workers’ Compensation claims have flooded into WC claims adjusters as a result of poor posture created by computer work in non-ergonomic WFH setups. Specifically, let’s take a look at Anterior Positioning Injuries.

Anterior Positioning Injuries can be caused by staring at a computer for hours on end and often results in conditions such as:

— Herniated Cervical disk
— Chronic stiffness in neck and shoulders
— Trans Mandibular Joint Syndrome
— Chronic headache

The thing is…these symptoms aren’t  unique to WFH. They can also be caused by:

— Motor Vehicle accidents
— Acts of violence
— Slip and fall
— Sports activities past or present
— Premorbid conditions such as osteoporosis, cancer, auto immune disorders

Before accepting this condition as a WFH injury, try a social media investigation and med canvass to rule out the other possibilities. Fraud Sniffr can help.