How It Works

We provide automated social media searches, scanning continuously for the life of a claim. We make it possible for adjusters to follow all of their claimants’ profiles… in just minutes/month.
  • Comprehensive Searching

    Fraud Sniffr finds claimant information using more than just “The Google.” Our team is well versed in Boolean search methods as well as the API and background programming for social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and more. We also have access to online property records, criminal records, and family history in nearly every jurisdiction. We find things that no one else has ever uncovered. Often, we pull content from Google’s ‘cache’ that the claimant had deleted months beforehand. If it was ever indexed, we’ll recover it.

  • Ongoing Scanning

    Now let’s say you run a social media search on Wednesday, but your claimant runs a marathon on Saturday. With traditional social media surveillance, you’d never see that run. Fraud Sniffr attaches to social media profiles and scans content regularly for the life of the file, delivering RELEVANT RESULTS to your email box each morning. We filter out memes and re-posts so the content is more interesting than you’d imagine.

Contact Us

Call us at 616-826-5365 or click the contact button below for more information about Fraud Sniffr software and services.