How It Works

We provide comprehensive social media searches, scanning on-demand until the matter resolves. We make it possible to follow multiple profiles and pull fresh content from social media into their Fraud Sniffr account in seconds via our “Scan Now” button.
  • Comprehensive Searching

    Fraud Sniffr finds information using Boolean search methods as well as the API and background programming for social media outlets such as Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more. We also have access to online property records, criminal records, and family history in nearly every jurisdiction. Often, we can pull content from Google’s ‘cache’ that the target had deleted months beforehand. If it was ever indexed, we’ll recover it.

  • Ongoing Monitoring

    Now let’s say you run a social media search on Wednesday, but your search target runs a marathon on Saturday. With traditional social media surveillance, you’d never see that run. Fraud Sniffr allows users to pull any new content posted by search targets any time during the life of the file in seconds, using our On-Demand Scanning solution.


  • When a user submits a social media search referral to Fraud Sniffr, our team pulls content from all over the web, including social media. The content is fed into the user’s account where it is stored until the matter resolves.

    If the user has an event coming up such as a mediation, IME visit, or intensive claim review, they can refresh the profile automatically by clicking “Scan Now” in their account. The Scan Now feature opens the targets’ social media profiles (Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter) and automatically pulls all of the content that was added since the last update into the user’s account in seconds.

    In the example below, Jane Doe is the fictional target and Curt DeVries (our founder) is the user. The Scan Now button is in blue.

    The Scan Now button puts users in the driver seat for updating their social media content. No more waiting for a request to be fulfilled by someone else. Scan now gives users full control of their social media search content.

Investigate as a Team

  • If a target is headed for trial or counsel becomes involved, Fraud Sniffr makes it easy for all of the investigation team members to view social media content. Simply add the relevant parties to the target’s profile in the system (Managers, counsel, etc) and all parties can then login and see the content developed in real time.

Managing New Information

  • When following a target in social media, the person may abandon known accounts and open new accounts during the course of an investigation.  Fraud Sniffr is the only software flexible enough to manage these changes in the context of an ongoing investigation. If a new account is discovered, it can be added to the target’s profile at any time, and the content can flow into the existing timeline of content generated from the other known social media accounts.

    It’s easy — just click “add social account” and then choose a date range to scan. Content will appear in the account timeline in a few seconds. The account is then stored in the system so it can be scanned again at any time with the Scan Now button.

Automatic Report Creation

  • Fraud Sniffr content is designed to be portable. Inside every target’s profile is the ability to download a court-ready report in seconds. It can be saved to the investigation file, or emailed directly from our system to counsel or IME.


    Users can send individual posts or the full report at their discretion. And when the matter has resolved, it is possible to delete the target’s entire file from our system.

Contact Us

Call us at 616-826-5365 or click the contact button below for more information about Fraud Sniffr software and services.