We offer comprehensive investigation experience with transparent access to all collected data.

  • [Observr] Software:

    Our industry-leading online investigation platform [Observr] provides results about investigation targets from the entire Web. We are not limited to social media venues of a particular type, we find as much relevant content as possible from a wide variety of sources. All content discovered about the target is stored in the [Observr] secure data repository and sorted in chronological order for “one click” download into a court-ready report.

    For the big four (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), target’s social media profiles are then loaded into the Scan Now system to allow users to update the information from these profiles a the click of a button.

    Top-tier customer service and technical support round out this product offering. Still curious? read about How It Works.

    Medical Canvass:

    Our Medical Canvass service checks over 50 facilities with humans conducting the phone calls. Customize the locations we contact with instructions to contact specialty doctors, chiropractors, gyms/health clubs, pharmacies and more. We also honor exclusions; if a specific facility is already known to have treated the claimant, we will exclude that facility from our search.

    All results are loaded emailed in a convenient PDF report with full contact information for all treating facilities and all facilities contacted in about 48 hours.

    The Medical records can then be retrieved with our Records Retrieval service.

    Physical Surveillance:

    We partner with licensed, bonded, insured professional investigation firms nationwide to provide physical surveillance coverage in all areas of the country. License information is available from any of our investigators upon request.

    All images, videos and reports are loaded into your [Observr] account, sorted chronologically with social media posts to provide a comprehensive timeline of activity from your target.

  • Contact Trace (Phone and Address):

    We query public records sources, cross checking between multiple sources to locate a current address and phone number for someone who has not provided current contact information.

    Criminal Records Search:

    We query the Unified Records System to pull comprehensive criminal history reports nationwide.

    Locate License Plate:

    Using a database of license plates with location and time stamps generated by tow trucks in urban areas, we will provide a “last seen” date/time/history for a license plate on a vehicle of interest. This timeline can be used as a pretext for physical surveillance.

    License Plate / VIN Trace:

    Have a car crash claim where one or more parties is unknown? We can trace the license plate or VIN from the accident report to develop the home address and contact information for all vehicle owners in an accident.

    Mobile Phone Location Forensics:

    For insurance matters, we provide access to the Call Detail records (CDRs) and plotting the historic location of the person of interest based upon their cellular usage. This provides additional data about lifestyle activity and locations where your target may have traveled. It’s particularly useful if the target’s social media is set to private or deleted. **

    Mobile Phone Data Download (Locked or Unlocked):

    Do you have access to a mobile phone and need the data downloaded into court-ready documents? We can help. You don’t even need the lock screen code, we work with most phone models. Unlocked phones can even be downloaded at your location with our DIY kits. **


    **Permission to retrieve data is required from the phone owner.



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