Social Media Scans on Jury Members? YES!

Not too long ago, jury selection was fairly predictable. Demographics and other broadly defined factors made predicting a jury’s reaction easier to establish. Today, these demographic cues are not the halcyon standard anymore. With the advent of nuclear verdicts and runaway juries, trial attorneys need “nuclear tools”.

The top tool we recommend is running a social media scan on the jurors once a jury is chosen. Social media content often gives the attorneys insight into the juror’s value system that might not be clear after the Voir Dire process or when looking a broad-based demographics. Having insight into what makes an individual juror tick can provide insight into how to tweak your presentation in ways that will more concretely resonate with the jurors. If the trial is more complex and may take weeks to get to get to a verdict, the unlimited update feature with our “Scan Now” option can give insights as to how the jurors are holding up over the course of the trial.

Bottom lineā€¦just because no one thought of doing something different before doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. In an age where not one mock trial is done but several trying to see how jurors will react in a major case, doesn’t it make sense to also take a look at the specific jurors once they have been selected to the jury? Scans on a standard size jury can be completed just a few days.

If there is a trial on your calendar that is keeping you up at night, give us a call. Let’s discuss how to increase the data on which your decision making is based.

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