Clarifying TBI Claims with Social Media & Video Deposition

Read the full article here – published 2/23/23 by Themis Advocates Group

TBI is a costly, frequently reported injury that is difficult to quantify for compensability. In the last five years, new methods have emerged that modernize quantification, saving time and money in the process. We will explore these new as well as other proven defense tactics.

The newest and most time-efficient TBI “truth-teller” is a thorough review of the plaintiff’s social media profile(s). Consider this: TBI symptoms include insomnia, confusion, irritation by light/sound, mood changes, irritation with changes in routine, and inability to perform routine tasks in a consistent manner. An active social media profile will provide deep insight into the plaintiff’s ability to organize thoughts, participate in online “challenges” (TikTok dance challenges, for example), issues with insomnia, details about weekend trips or elaborate vacations, family get-togethers, parties, and other social events. Additionally, the content is provided alongside labeled photographic evidence.  Continue reading to learn defense tactics from Themis Advocates


Man with heavy headache or brain stroke – conceptual artwork – 3d illustration – Gray scale Image