Adjusters should tap into their “Spidey Sense”

Have you every been to one of those conference sessions where they tell what non-verbal ques to look for when someone is lying? These sessions to be very entertaining. For example, they teach that one behavior that occurs when you lie is the adrenaline released does something to the capillaries in your nose that makes it itch. Another sure sign of potential fabrication is if a person blinks a lot or puts their hand in front of their mouth, then they must be lying.

We have not conducted a “fact check” like they do on the evening news, but after doing thousands of in-person interviews as an adjuster, We hold the opinion that many of these clues are legit. Right or wrong…so what?

Wouldn’t it be great if Defense Counsel could put an adjuster on the stand. The adjuster could honestly testify the claimant blinked incessantly through the whole interview, touched his nose 11 times in the space of 4 minutes and cleared his throat 18 times for no apparent reason. Upon hearing this testimony, the judge slams his gavel and declares “This case is dismissed”. Honestly, it wouldn’t be great abut that’s not what I am advocating here.

Good adjusters have a “spidey sense” (H/T Spider Man) that is triggered by the smallest things sometimes. These innocuous signs are not admissible nor should they be. However, if adjusters were able to launch a preliminary investigation based on their hunches, the insurance industry could save millions each year.

Fraudsniffr can help – the tools we offer were developed by an adjuster for adjusters and defense attorneys.