Fraud Sniffr named Top 20 Claims Processing Service Provider of 2023 by Financial Services Review

Insurance adjusters and legal defense experts often gather evidence from various online sources when dealing with complex personal injury cases. They meticulously search social media, track daily activities, and in special cases, even utilize mobile phone forensic services to determine the appropriate compensation or defense strategy.

Compiling information across disparate ecosystems causes data fragmentation, with crucial details interspersed in a maze of forwarded emails that make it hard to track and increase the risk of overlooking vital information.

Enter Fraud Sniffr, an investigation solution company, which empowers insurance and liability defense professionals to seamlessly consolidate information about targets across social media and other online environments.

The driving force behind it is a proprietary online investigation platform called ‘Observr’. It offers a centralized repository for investigation data that authorized individuals can access 24/7. The platform innovates beyond a ‘one-and-done’ investigation tool by providing a comprehensive, multidimensional storyline of the target’s activities–enabling users to present a stronger and more coherent argument.

Observr consolidates information and ensures the adjusters, defense lawyers, and policyholders have access to the same comprehensive and current information. This streamlines collaboration and boosts effective decision-making. At the heart of the platform’s robust investigative prowess lies an ensemble of social media detectives, medical canvassers, physical surveillance experts, and specialized forensics specialists.

“Observr is not just a tool; it’s a game changer. The platform fosters transparency, efficiency, and actionable insights, ensuring everyone involved in the defense is equipped with the most accurate and up-to-date information throughout a claim’s lifecycle,” says Curt DeVries, president at Fraud Sniffr.

The platform gathers target-related content—images, videos, and documents—from the entire web and organizes the datasets for a ‘one-click’ court-ready report. Once stored, the information is chronologically aligned with relevant social media updates to create a thorough timeline, painting a holistic picture of a target. In addition, Observr features a ‘Scan Now’ option that allows users to update a target’s social media activity anytime and anywhere until the case concludes.

Today, a self-insured employer anxious about their claim status has to maintain constant communication with the adjuster via email or phone. Observr supplements this effort, allowing the employer to uncover the latest information on the claim without asking generic questions like ‘What’s going on?’ Instead, it arms them with real-time data that can be used in claims negotiations.

One of Fraud Sniffr’s popular services is its mobile phone location forensics, which lets users plot a target’s historic location based on cellular usage and call detail records (CDR). For instance, if they reside in California but the digital footprints hint at Texas, the phone forensics team can pinpoint the target’s genuine location, saving resources that would otherwise be spread across both states. This method is not only cost-effective but surpasses the speed of traditional bi-location monitoring.

Another notable service is Fraud Sniffr’s ability to unlock secured cell phones. A rarity in the claim investigation domain, this offering is crucial in fatal accidents, where discerning if a cell phone played a role.

A case involving a claimant in a motor vehicle accident alleging severe lower back injuries exemplifies the efficacy of Fraud Sniffr’s suite of services in claim investigation. The initial investigation unearthed a video of the target showcasing acrobatics—reminiscent of the ones used by Cirque du Soleil performers in Las Vegas.

This footage alone raised questions about her appealed injuries. A more astonishing revelation emerged as Fraud Sniffr consistently monitored her activities for the claim’s duration. Collating over 30 videos of her performing the same workout over the course of months, which would not be possible with back injuries, the company was able to question her claims and resolved the case.

Success stories like this are powered by Fraud Sniffr’s vision to provide accurate and updated claims-relevant content at a user’s fingertips. Driven by its blend of vast knowledge and strong tech-oriented ethos, the company is poised to continue delivering effective, streamlined, and transparent claim investigations.