Why You Should Care About Version Control in Litigated Insurance Files.

Picture this – first, a lengthy social media report is forwarded to an attorney. The attorney asks their paralegal for a summary. Five months later, the attorney asks for an update to the report. The update comes in but the update makes no sense without the initial report so the attorney asks the paralegal to summarize the original report and the the update in preparation for an upcoming mediation.

Mediation day arrives three months later, the paralegal is out sick, and the attorney, in his haste, grabs the original summary which does not include the update. Now the attorney is trying to argue defenses based on incomplete facts. This scenario plays out more often that you’d like to think it does.

Creating multiple summary files and wading through forwarded emails creates multiple versions of the original data, and can eventually dilute or erase the meaning and hide key pieces of information.

The solution is to store the information in a central location and invite users TO the information instead of SENDING the information to multiple different addressees. Fraud Sniffr’s Observr software solves this problem for counsel and adjusters. Observr investigation data is available to anyone invited to the data file 24/7 and the possibility of working with incomplete or outdated information is eliminated because a fresh download of the most current information is available at the click of a button.