Adding Fraud Sniffr Early for DC Success

Self-Insureds and insurance companies continually strive for better results on litigated files.

It should be noted, however, that litigation results ultimately rely on the quality of the file materials submitted to the attorney. The temptation, when a brand new file is showing all the components of what will become a litigated file, is to not invest the necessary time initially investigating under the assumption “defense counsel will work it up”. The reality is, by the time the complaint/application is received it could be months or years after the date of injury. Witness recollections have faded, and plaintiff counsel has had plenty of time to obscure timelines and treatments.

Level the playing field for your defense counsel. Assign Fraud Sniffr to run a social media investigation with social media recoveries that can be updated over the life of claim. The information developed can serve as an early warning system and give indication to defense counsel as to what experts to retain in order to quantifiably substantiate the defense necessary to contradict the position presented by plaintiff counsel.

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