COVID Caused Massive Insurance Innovation. Now What?

“Way back in 2019,” the insurance industry was laser-focused on modernizing its data systems and best practices. Innovation teams were at every conference, and the conferences featured cutting edge experts in data mining and AI; discussing technical ways to streamline some historically inefficient processes.

All this progress was sidetracked in March, 2020 when all innovation efforts went to building sterilizations, transitioning work-from-home, and digesting COVID legislation that was different in nearly every state nationwide.

As the industry emerges from COVID, blinking in the sunlight, they find all their old problems waiting for them, now three years older and bigger than they were in 2019.

So let’s get the innovation engine refocused on solving problems that are going to increase productivity and reduce waste in the industry – the smartest place to start is by automating rote tasks and moving data from one place to another automatically.

Fraud Sniffr’s social media surveillance solution does the automation and streamlining for defense teams and adjusters – speeding up results and engaging the team in a way that provides meaningful, bottom-line improvement.