Fraud Sniffr Investigation Causes Termination of Benefits in Pennsylvania Workers Comp Claim

This afternoon our CEO received an excited call from the WC attorney running a particularly difficult workers comp case in Pennsylvania; one that was headed toward a permanent and total disability (perm total) judgement. The testimony we provided just three weeks before in combination with our social media report and physical surveillance findings resulted in a complete termination of benefits for this claimant.

Pennsylvania is one of a handful of states that is generous with “permanent and total disability” workers’ compensation awards — even for workers with relatively minor injuries. Furthermore, once benefit award has been made, it is usually impossible to convince the WC court that the benefits should end due the worker recovering from the injury.

Our social media investigation showed clearly that the claimant had launched a social media platform and become a crypto trader, earning enough money to buy a new house and a car for himself with these ventures — all the while receiving ‘permanently and totally disabled’ worker compensation payments from his employer. These findings, along with physical surveillance video showing the claimant attending events, caused the judge to rule for a termination of all WC benefits for this claimant.

If you have a worker’s comp claim that is not resolving for you in PA, CA, NY, IL or any of the other generous WC states, we should talk. You CAN do something that will change the trajectory of your cases.

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