Adding Social Media Surveillance to Wearables & Telemedicine

Two of the biggest trends in claims ‘post-COVID’ are telemedicine and wearables. I can see why the insurance industry is excited about these hew technologies: the savings and conveniences surrounding telemed are substantial. The idea that you can measure ROM on the human body all day is revolutionary. The excitement around this new technology is understandable as the industry has always been looking for a silver bullet that fixes all their problems. In my opinion, it’s not the bullet that wins the war but the strategy.

The point is, that new technologies are stepping in to help modernize workers comp insurance procedures, but they have not completely filled the gap between where the industry is and where it needs to be. We recommend using these tools in tandem with investigation tools. For instance, Social media could be used to corroborate wearable data. Medical canvass can be used to verify one’s medical history as given to a telemed doctor and indicate unreported treatment allowing for savings to be realized while also corroborating the facts as communicated by the claimant.

Our suite of investigative services was crafted by an 30-year insurance veteran on the front lines of #riskmanagement specifically for the insurance and insurance defense industries.