We provide automated social media searches, scanning continuously for the life of a claim. We make it possible for adjusters to follow all of their claimants' profiles... in just minutes/month.
COMPREHENSIVE SEARCHING   Fraud Sniffr finds claimant information using more than just "The Google." Our team is well versed in Boolean search methods as well as the API and background programming for social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and more. We also have access to online property records, criminal records, and family history in nearly every jurisdiction. We find things that no one else has ever uncovered. Often, we pull content from Google's 'cache' that the claimant had deleted months beforehand. If it was ever indexed, we'll recover it.


ONGOING SCANNING Now let's say you run a social media search on Wednesday, but your claimant runs a marathon on Saturday. With traditional social media surveillance, you'd never see that run. Fraud Sniffr attaches to social media profiles and scans content regularly for the life of the file, delivering RELEVANT RESULTS to your email box each morning.   We filter out memes and re-posts so the content is more interesting than you'd imagine.
Insurance Expertise  
Our founder, a self-described "30 year claims guy," developed the idea for Fraud Sniffr based on his own frustration at the value of social media data that was muddied by the sheer volume of useless data in most social media reports. His expertise has allowed Fraud Sniffr to fine tune its data delivery to provide only relevant content to adjusters and hide the rest. We have worked closely with TPAs and adjusters in nearly every jurisdiction nationwide, and have developed compliance programs to ensure we continue to provide value year after year. We know insurance.
Software Expertise
Our technical division is run by a serial entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience with natural language algorithms, non-technical user interface development and data management.  She was involved with data harvesting and social content distribution long before Facebook even existed. Additionally, our senior staff members have spent their careers in search engine optimization analyzing search algorithms. The entire technical team is comprised of total believers in the cloud and SAAS deployment for the enterprise.
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"Our first Snapshot report saved us $70,405 by showing photographic evidence in social media that our CTS claimant was running a henna tattoo business on the side. Instead of the original demand of $95,000 or 4 years, we were able  to facilitate $24,595 or a one-year amount. Thank you Fraud Sniffr!"
--A Midwest Worker's Comp insurance company

"In our first month with Fraud Sniffr, WFS enjoyed a substantive hit rate of nearly 25%. The information revealed cross country trips, concurrent employment, extreme hobbies, and other financial motivations supporting the presentation and prolonging of the workers compensation claim."
--A Self Insured Client

"We have been able to deny 15-20% of incoming claims by running a Fraud Sniffr search on the claimant during the acceptance process. The Fraud Sniffr data helps us catch fraud before the claimant even hits our system."
--PA Adjusting Firm/TPA

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Success Stories

An MMA fighter with a closed head injury was caught posting on Facebook about drinking alcohol, running several miles, and getting back into the ring "feeling like I've never been injured." The potential savings on this liability claim exceed $200,000.

A claimant had knee surgery and then 6 weeks later posted a photo journal of his walking tour of New York City, which included photos of the claimant climbing to on top of park benches, and a video of the claimant at a dance party. The potential savings on this comp claim exceed $50,000.

Lost Time/Disability

An employee kept calling out of work on Mondays and Fridays with no notice. Fraud Sniffr was able to provide evidence that this employee was co-employed as a real estate agent. Termination for cause took place immediately.

Fraud Sniffr saved a client over $800,000 in a single report by showing photographic evidence in social media that our perm total employee was running a jewelry business (mining his own stones) in Honduras. He was also building parade floats in his basement. The claimant was thrown out of court with no award, and subsequently investigated for WC fraud as well as social security fraud.

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