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  • Fraud Sniffr investigation solutions is a perfect pairing of human expertise and data management and enhancement via software. Our human search and investigation teams provide accurate and unbiased findings in social media and across the web, loading the findings in a consistent way into [Observr].

    [Observr] is our investigation data repository with integrated invitation-only content sharing. Once content is loaded by our investigation teams, The [Observr] system provides seamless sharing with the entire resolution team in real time. We have found this transparency to be invaluable in providing a timeline of a target’s activity and documenting injury recovery over time.

    As the investigation continues, users and team members can click the ‘Scan Now’ button within [Observr] to update the social media content for targets at any time until the matter resolves. This data then flows into [Observr] in chronological order, dovetailing with updates from physical surveillance to create a robust, multi-perspective view of a target’s activity.

    [Observr] uses data management best practices, including 2FA, SOC II and HIPAA security compliance, redundant security certificates and has recently been enhanced with AI to help teams interpret findings on large files.


    Insurance Expertise

    Our founder, a self-described “30 year claims guy,” developed the idea for Fraud Sniffr based on his vision for integrating social media data into claims management workflow. His expertise has allowed Fraud Sniffr to fine tune its data delivery to provide claims-relevant content that includes data from multiple perspectives as a claimant recovers from an injury.

    His training has enhanced and directed our search team’s approach to identifying and collecting relevant data, and providing “the adjuster’s/defense attorney’s perspective” to every report.

    Our search teams are led by licensed private investigators, and every member in the teams work closely with clients to deliver comprehensive results that are enhanced by decades of experience in online investigations.

    Software Expertise

    Our technical division is run by teams with deep understanding of content management, document management, database engineering, algorithm development, developing natural language algorithms, non-technical user interface development and artificial intelligence.

    The team is dedicated to innovation — including cloud computing, distributed learning, serverless technology, meaningful deployment of AI, and SAAS deployment for the enterprise.

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