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  • FS [Observr] is our claims information data sharing system. Our teams of social media investigators, medical canvassers, physical surveillance vendors and vocational rehab their content to the FS [Observr] system for seamless sharing with each other and with the claim resolution team. We have found this transparency to be invaluable in providing a timeline of claimant activity and documenting injury recovery over time.

    As the claim continues over time, adjusters or other team members can click the ‘Scan Now’ button within FS [Observr] to update the social media content for claimants at any time, as many times as they want to until the claim resolves. This data then flows into the system in chronological order, dovetailing with updates from physical surveillance and vocational rehab to create a robust, multi-perspective view of a claimant’s activity.


    Insurance Expertise

    Our founder, a self-described “30 year claims guy,” developed the idea for Fraud Sniffr based on his own frustration at the value of social media data as a silo-ed piece of information within a claims management. His expertise has allowed Fraud Sniffr to fine tune its data delivery to provide claims-relevant content that includes data from multiple perspectives as a claimant recovers from an injury. He has worked closely with TPAs and adjusters in nearly every jurisdiction nationwide, and has developed compliance programs to ensure we continue to provide value year after year.

    Software Expertise

    Our technical division is run by a serial entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience with reverse engineering algorithms, developing natural language algorithms, non-technical user interface development and data management. She was involved with data harvesting and social content distribution long before Facebook even existed. She has built and successfully sold two technology companies focused on the Google Search algorithm. She spent several years teaching at the Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering and she developed an early version of their social media curriculum. She has spent years educating our senior staff members search engine optimization analyzing search algorithms. The entire technical team is comprised of total believers in the cloud, serverless technology, and SAAS deployment for the enterprise.

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